Orion provides enterprise-scale digital transformation services and business innovation through the power of AI, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics and Big Data solutions. We guide businesses throughout their entire journey: from creating a road map, to collecting data and drawing insights, to making decisions and assessing value.

Our Data and Analytics platforms, including Cognitive Engine, Congero Analytics, NLP Platform, powered by Nowigence and Business Data Validation, prepare your business for the future and address the everchanging landscape with superior insights, while simplifying complex information about your business operations.

We enable global enterprises to manage and optimize data more effectively with our vast experience in database architecture and data integration domains. Leveraging our comprehensive platforms and accelerators, we deliver greater efficiency in moving, sorting, transforming and analyzing data while improving data quality for strategic decision-making.

Data Management & Engineering

One of the biggest barriers in digital transformation is the hyper-growth of data (think IOT, AI, Blockchain, Genomics etc.) residing at disparate locations, in higher volumes and greater variety. This, along with growing regulatory compliance standards, complexity of public and private cloud environments and security, makes data management and integration especially challenging.

As a full stack Data & Analytics service provider, we help enterprises through the entire journey, from data to insights to decisions and value creation through:

  • Data Discovery
  • Data Modeling & Architecture
  • Data & Platform Migration
  • Data Lake & Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data Warehousing & BI Management
  • Data Governance & Data Quality — read our blog post here.
  • Reference & Master Data Management

Data Virtualization

Due to the unprecedented explosion in the volume, variety, and velocity of incoming data, Integration of Data from enterprise systems, like ERPs and CRMs, to live sources, like Social Media & IOT devices, now presents a lot of challenges. There are two ways to achieve data integration. One is using traditional Data Warehouses and Data Lakes; the other option is using a more agile, modern Data Virtualization approach. Since Data Virtualization is a logical aggregation of data – where the platform pulls in data directly from the source – it has its own challenges, the biggest one being the performance.

At Orion, we have developed an approach to establish a common data-access layer for your enterprise. Using Data Virtualization, we provide universal access to all your organization’s critical data sources. We have also developed a strategy and POV on how Data Virtualization can be used not only as replacement but also as a technology to complement the existing investment in Data Warehouses, for the purpose of providing faster and deeper data insights. 

Advanced Analytics & Data Science

In today’s digital world, businesses must take advantage of big data sets and generate targeted, meaningful insights. Large data sets are difficult to consolidate, standardize and manage, yet necessary for successfully generating critical intelligence about your business.

Orion’s data scientists have developed user-friendly data analytics programs that your business teams can integrate into their workflows. With Orion’s Data Science services, you can:

  • Analyze data sets across your organization
  • Develop staged data science road maps
  • Create algorithms to model data
  • Make visualizations to see the data outputs

Orion’s analytics and data science experts deliver seamless data solutions that are engineered to provide business intelligence.

  • Anomaly / Fraud Detection
  • Cognitive Engine: Computer Vision & NLP
  • Voice Recognition / Chatbots
  • Face / Object Detection
  • Data Classification
  • Product Recommender

BI & Visualization

Businesses seek to derive greater insights while new technologies and techniques push the boundaries of visual data presentation. Orion provides advanced data visualization services to bring your company’s data to life with highly interactive and user-friendly BI dashboards.

Our team of certified professionals has strong expertise in BI & visualization tools, such as Microsoft Power BIPyramid Analytics and Qlik, ultimately providing your company with a representation of large, complex data in a more meaningful manner. Our data visualization approach comprises the below services:

  • BI Assessment, Planning & Implementation
  • Advisory Services
  • BI Reports and Dashboards
  • Reporting Platform Migration
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Managed Projects and Services

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