Experience Design

Bringing consumer-grade experiences to the enterprise

Orion experience design is focused on reimagining enterprise experiences through the power of UX to provide true business impact. We design thoughtful experiences for users of mission critical systems that drive your business.

“Design digital systems to optimize your workforce vs. simply using your workforce to buoy your systems.”
Jeff Piazza
Orion Innovation
SVP, Experience Design
Broker/Dealer Onboarding Application
Simplifying & Humanizing
We believe all digital experiences require attention to how people connect to systems and brands. Audiences not only engage with information and tools, but also elicit visceral, emotional reactions that impact its success.
Experience Design Strategy
Envision a new digital experience and establish its guiding principles.
Product Design
Create impactful experiences for digital products on any platform (desktop, web, mobile, and more).
Unified Platform Experience Design
Operationalize design across your digital ecosystem.
Behavior Mindfulness
Design innovation starts with the inherent attention to the needs and motivations of users–adopting the mindset of your audience coupled with best practices in experience design.
Brand Storytelling
Reflect your brand and express your differentiators.
User Research
Embody user empathy by designing from the bottom up.
Content Design
Integrate content into the design process with a message-first approach.
Product Documentation
Offer user-level product documentation to support your product offerings.
“Orion Experience Design has demonstrated that it is an innovation catalyst, helping clients shake things up and think about design in new ways.”
Seth Godin
Fast Company
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