Orion has vast experience in developing and deploying IoT solutions. We help our clients digitize their products and create new revenue streams, leveraging our experience in embedded, connectivity, cloud, web software development and machine learning.


Automotive & Transportation: Our highly qualified engineers have deep experience in automotive platforms and create integrated solutions for IVI systems, car-to-smartphone connectivity and fleet management.

Industrial Automation: Using our knowledge in specialized real-time OSs, communications technologies and device management, we drive innovation for the Industrial Automation market and support its transformation to Industry 4.0.

Smart City: We develop solutions for smart cities, including street lighting, environmental monitoring and public safety.

Building Automation: We help our customers tackle the constant challenge of reducing commercial buildings’ operational costs by implementing dedicated software solutions for energy consumption, monitoring and optimization.

Home Automation: We specialize in developing end-to-end home automation systems through various technologies, such as Zigbee, ZWave, etc, and enable estate management from all locations.

Safety & Security: We design custom software solutions that help owners of commercial and private buildings secure their property in case of security incidents, fire alarms and other dangerous situations.

Smart Energy: We developed a broad range of software AMI solutions aimed to optimize energy consumption, reporting and billing for utilities.

Healthcare: We implement healthcare solutions that help doctors obtain real-time analytics about their patients, detect exceptional conditions, receive alerts in case of emergency, and communicate in an efficient manner throughout their enterprise network.

Our Offering

In some cases, instead of developing a proprietary platform, our clients may chose to deploy an IoT solution using public cloud platforms, like Azure IoT. Our delivery framework consists of 5 simple steps:

  1. Evaluation – Discover digital transformation assets and check the desired solution with Azure IoT Reference Architecture and Accelerators.
  2. Definition – Formulate digitalization scenarios in terms of requirements, identify ML scenarios, and design end-user dashboards.
  3. Deployment – Set up and configure Cloud features, migrate existing data to Cosmos DB or equivalent, and implement business log.
  4. Optimization – Make operational insights visible to the end-user and run ML scenarios in the Cloud and at the Edge.
  5. Maintenance – Ensure the overall solution health and enhance it in case of new requirements.

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