Cyber security and data protection is a major corporate imperative at enterprises today. New sophisticated threats are requiring a new response from security leaders. According to Gartner, security leaders who redefine the cyber security function and technology architecture are positioning the business to maintain and increase value in an increasingly agile, distributed and decentralized environment. Organizations that push cyber security decision making out to the business units are improving their security posture, even as digital scale and complexity increase. Security education that emphasizes organizational cultural change and fosters better cyber judgment is the most effective way to avoid social engineering incidents and poor decisions about business technology. Security product consolidation and the cyber security mesh enable leaders to build a more efficient and integrated security infrastructure for the expanding attack surface.


We work with clients to improve security hygiene across the board and data is one aspect. We provide risk assessments and baselines. We advise on new state-of-the-art technology and systems that can impact your data security and provide any necessary preliminary data cleansing services along with implementation.


Business outcomes today depend on effective IT. One question to ask across your business: do your IT services deliver or hold you back?

The way you manage and maximize your IT infrastructure has become more complex due to the unconstrained growth of technology. Today, you need an always-on, resilient and proactive management of IT systems that addresses your business needs. Orion delivers just that. We provide:


Customized solutions that assure worry-free and optimized cloud operations for your organization, including:

  • Private Cloud Hosting
  • Hosted Virtual Network
  • Cloud Server Backup and Restoration
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Migration
  • Service Automation
  • Remote Monitoring


Flexible resourcing and delivery models that best suit your business needs and budgets, including:

  • Migration/Upgrades
  • Network Monitoring
  • User Support
  • IT Help/Service Desk
  • Infrastructure Systems Management

Real-time Maintenance

We implement cloud-based support and maintenance tools for monitoring and maintaining your IT assets 24×7, including:

  • Server Management
  • Application Management
  • Performance Engineering
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Operations Review & Audit

Consolidation & Optimization

We consider your desired business outcomes and streamline your IT Infrastructure using:

  • Server & Application Consolidation
  • Security Audits
  • ITIL Process implementations

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