Testing & Security

A bulwark against hacks and breaches

The need for speed in getting new releases/products out in the market demands more automation, and to be best-in-class requires an integrated approach to testing and security that pulls them forward into a DevSecOps model.

“Cyber security and data protection is a major corporate imperative that requires a new response to today’s sophisticated threats.”
Jeff Cortley
Testing & Security Leader
Fortifying Your Enterprise
Defending your company against threat actors requires a holistic examination of security policies, procedures and architecture. Orion assesses every aspect of your security approach and the remediation steps to enhance your security posture.
Secure SDLC
Incorporate security up front in your software development program so you can truly operate in a DevSecOps paradigm.
Vulnerability Detection
Detect and fix security issues before they can be exploited, with comprehensive penetration testing and ethical hacking of web, mobile applications and infrastructure.
Threat & Risk Assessment
Evaluate and monitor your security activities and initiate the appropriate action to isolate, quarantine, correct and remediate.
Beyond Automation
No automated or third-party solution alone is going to secure your business. Access Orion’s trusted 60+ auditors, testers, analysts, and engineers who bring a white-glove approach to your security needs.
SOC Services
Keep your critical infrastructure up to date on software patches, monitor traffic and investigate anomalies.
QA & Test Automation
Deliver quality assurance for software products as black, white or gray box, based on manual or automated testing.
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