How We Define Experience Design

We practice what we call “behavior mindfulness,” the inherent attention to the needs and motivations of users. But it’s more than just being user-centered. It’s about being content-centric; reflecting and infusing the brand values and attributes in the user experience; and looking at the larger constellation of touch points with audiences.

attributes of audience engagement
Attributes of audience engagement

Our strategic thinking is bottom up
We do deep analysis then step back to think about the bigger picture. We start with what you have, who you are, who you serve, where you want to go–then we envision what a new experience looks like and the road to getting there.

We are problem solvers
We believe in designing solutions to challenges across industries
We find new ways to think about old problems
We leverage thinking and best practices across domains

Behavior Design Thinking

Orion’s Behavior Design Thinking Workshops aim to facilitate collaborate discussions together with key client stakeholders to deliberate user types, goals and objectives, experience mapping, desired features and content, and most importantly, the prioritization of all the above.

These dynamic sessions help to rapidly form the basis for exploring, evaluating, and crafting an actionable roadmap for addressing the user experience and interface system – shaping next steps, such as the blueprints and designs of desired screens for the ultimate solution.

Design Thinking Workshops


Purpose & Impact

  • Orion Behavior Design led Workshops
  • Collaborative activity with client decision-makers
  • Positions participants in the mind-set of a system user
  • Accelerates design process
  • Provides a solid stepping stone for the digital strategy

Research & Analysis

  • Discuss and identify target user groups
  • Determine needs, priorities, and mental models for key users
  • Outline specific content, data, and features that support primary needs of main user types
  • Pinpoint key challenges such as content discovery and wayfinding, density and hierarchy of information
  • Discuss competitor positioning and brand differentiators

Strategic Thinking

  • Solidify desired approach for creating experiences relevant to identified audience(s)
  • Prioritize features and content to include in the product experience
  • Begin designing concept sketches to envision the future state
  • Verify the road map for next steps


Our award-winning Experience Design team has 20+ years of deep experience building design systems for enterprises across the globe. We will partner with you to reimagine a more intuitive, human-centered experience for your users.

For more information about on how we can help with our Experience Design Services, please contact our team here.

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