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From solution and architecture design to delivery testing and future maintenance and everywhere in between, we support the entire software development cycle. We’re active in every project, aligning technology with business goals and building long-term partnerships that deliver increasing value over time. Our expertise across technologies and platforms enables us to choose the most appropriate tools for every client and project. We implement advanced benchmarking techniques and industry-recognized best practices to deliver enterprise-quality products in a timely, cost-effective manner.

General Design & Development Services

  • Developing Technical Requirements
  • Designing Product Architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Creating Technical Documentation
  • Coding
  • Verification and validation


In every project, we customize the software development model based on client needs and requirements. As a basis, we use Agile (Scrum or Kanban), waterfall, V-model and other methodologies. We actively nurture Agile development culture by investing in training and process improvement and by focusing on which approach generates the desired results. We take over analysis, design, coding and testing to ensure that you successfully bring a new product to market.

Client Testimonial

“In our Project EVALink® Live MERA has proven to be а highly valuable partner. MERA not only delivered excellent quality software but also competently provided advice in software architecture and technological questions.”
– Peter Monte, CEO Sitasys

Software Product Assessment

The importance of Software Product Assessment by an independent software consulting company cannot be overestimated. In fact, Product Assessment is a comprehensive process that involves on-site and offshore analysis of a vendor’s software product and is better conducted by a team of professionals.

Our Approach

To evaluate a product in terms of its reliability and vulnerability, Orion follows a four-stage assessment process. A review of a product with 1M effective lines of code depends on the product complexity and assessment content, so it takes approximately 2-4 weeks. Orion’s assessment meets the highest technical requirements and, at the same time, offers a cost-effective price-performance ratio.

Focus Areas
Being ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, as well as CMMI®-DEV 1.3 Level 3 compliant, Orion focuses on establishing a product’s compliance with software development coding standards.

We analyze a software product from various angles, including:

  • Conformance to requirements 
  • Architecture & Design 
  • Source code quality 
  • Localization and compliance with local, state, national or industry regulatory requirements 
  • Database utilization 
  • Cloud readiness 
  • Known software bugs/limitations/outstanding customer feature requests 
  • Third-party software used, licensing and potential problems, including Intellectual property violations 
  • Performance, scalability and redundancy 
  • Development process 
  • Deployment process 
  • Performance, scalability and redundancy 
  • UX/UI 
  • Design and end-user documentation 
  • Product Security 

Customer Benefits
As a result of the assessment, you will be provided with a report containing all the findings and recommendations on how to address the issues we’ve identified, thus allowing you to make the right decisions moving forward.

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