Redefine Content Value with DIGITAL

Create, distribute, manage and re-use your content assets through multiple channels to drive new revenue streams and improve customer retention

Sports Technology Framework


Vernalis, a division of Orion, has been helping major sports leagues maintain their edge and solve operational challenges through creative technology solutions and framework. The Vernalis Sports Technology Framework is designed through the insights we’ve gained with multiple major league sports around the world.

Our framework identifies the core value drivers that are unique to sports leagues and defines how these drivers are the key elements that build or protect value. They are an effective and insightful metric by which technology initiatives and strategies can be developed and measured. We have also compiled a collection of proven technology tactics within each category, that we have studied or deployed for our clients.

Redefine content value with Digital


The media, publishing and business information services industry has undergone a paradigm shift since the advent of online channels. Most of the media companies have changed their business models to support them in order to survive and remain relevant. On the other side, rapid evolution in digital technologies is resulting a paradigm shift in the way content is created and consumed today. The younger than web, internet savvy millenial generation need rich and personalized content anytime, anywhere and on any device. This has brought an eruptive growth in the digital channels and so does in the challenges it comes with, such as:

  • Managing the existing revenue streams
  • Reducing oprational costs and increasing flexibility
  • Improving time-to-market
  • Upgrading heterogeneous legacy applications and IT systems
  • Identifying and leveraging new business models
  • Shortening production and distribution cycle
  • Managing digital content/assets across all channels 

With extensive experience in the media, sports and publishing industry, Orion provides comprehensive technology solutions and services to help you keep up with the rapidly evolving media landscape. Our business and technology expertise across various digital platforms and tools such as content management systems, CRMs, digital media services, collaboration solutions, data analytics and cloud enable us to streamline your media operations and business processes effectively and help you gain better business outcomes while you drive new revenue streams and retain your subscribers.

We partner with you to work on emerging technologies and create cutting-edge applications that offer break-through solutions with low cost of ownership and maximum ROI. Orion’s deep domain knowledge and experience can enable to you to renew your business processes and attract audience with appropriate content monetization strategies. Orion’s media services include:

Application Services

Gain a strategic edge over competitors and protect the intellectual properties and maintain copyrights with custom applications and solution frameworks

Digital Asset Management

Increase audience engagement through targeted content delivery and effectively manage media assets and rights through digital asset management solutions

Content Monetization

Make the most of your digital content by enabling direct-to-consumer subscriptions, advertisements or license-to-publish revenue models with end-to-end payment gateways integration

Social and Big Data Analytics

Collect social data to learn how your consumers interact and choose content channels. Capitalize on the new market opportunities by leveraging big data to develop more personalized content

Testing and Quality Assurance

Delight your customers with superior content delivery through Orion’s quality assurance & testing practice that rigorously tests your applications to ensure security, compatibility and accessbility

Managed Services

Sharpen focus on your core business with Orion’s managed services as ‘IT as a Service’ (or ITaaS) that span infrastructure implementation, network architecture, integration and support

User Experience

Create a contemporary omni-channel design language to win your customers’ hearts and minds with Orion’s world-class UX practice

Reporting and Insights

Discover your audience preference and behaviour to streamline your content offerings with their changing preferences

Why Orion


Orion takes an inclusive approach to design and deliver effective solutions for your unique business needs. By combining digital technologies, strategic frameworks, design thinking and an innovative delivery approach, we provide custom technology solutions that improve workflows, enhance business decisions, expand reach to new channels and bring new markets for media, sports and publishing companies. We deliver unmatched value through our:

  • End-to-end capabilites in the content value chain
  • Deep domain expertise in media and publishing industry
  • Strong partner ecosystem 
  • Best-in-class infrastructure with proven delivery frameworks

Success Stories