Increasing User Engagement through New Channels using Chatbot

Success Story

Customer Background

Business Overview: A leading financial services provider with global operations

Industry: Financial Services

Area of operation: North America

Employees: >10,000

Problem in Hand

Provide a self-service support system to end-users/auditors that can assist and answer questions on strategic global initiative and also make various content, materials and knowledge available at a global level.


Orion created a self-service speech Chatbot with rapid turnaround that would engage with the users and guide them on the critical initiative. Also, leveraged the API-sharing economy to focus on applied AI to leverage new channels and solve the business problem of auditor engagement and solving auditor queries in a scalable manner.


  • Interactive channel for user interaction via Chatbots
  • Enhanced Operational efficiencies through Self-service

Download the case study to read more about how Orion build chatbots for improving and automating auditing processes.

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