AMR replacement program for a water utility company

Success Story

Customer Background

Business Overview: A leading water utility company that distributes drinking water, collects and treats wastewater, and also provides wholesale wastewater treatment services to some counties

Industry: Utilities

Area of operation: North America

Employees: >1000

Replacement of aging infrastructure with an advanced AMR system

The utility company has been using meters and meter transmitting units for the past decade in various locations to track consumption rates. These meters are fast approaching their expiry dates and needed to be replaced. Over time, water meters and transmitting units wear out and are no longer able to transmit readings automatically. In such instances, the water utility has to deploy additional resources to read the meter in the field or the customers receive an estimated bill rather than one based on their actual usage.

Know how Orion enabled the client share replacement status of transmitting units and provide latest data available to its stakeholders. Download the case study to read more.

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