From Data Discrepancies to Prescriptive Analytics

Success Story

Customer Background

Business Overview: A leading hospice pharmacy services provider delivering 24/7 hospice pharmacy services to improve efficiency & patient care for hospice professionals.

Industry: Pharma & Healthcare

Area of operation: North America

Employees: >500

An effective prescription for reliable pricing and its forecast

The client is a pharmacy service provider which allows its customers to optimize drug utilization and cost management. The client being one of the leading drug procurer in palliative healthcare, wanted its infrastructure and technology to help it retain its competitive edge. The client was expanding its base and needed a single point of information flow from multiple sources which would allow for reliable pricing. The data coming in from multiple sources was disjointed and this caused huge delays, sometimes as much as two weeks in a month while preparing finance reports and managing price forecasting.

Know how Orion set up an analytical data store environment that connects to critical data, across disparate systems and formats to provide a single source of reliable information. Download the case study to read more.

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