Process automation to simplify and speed up client’s sales by 2X

Success Story

Customer Background

Business Overview: A leading provider of genomic-based diagnostic tests

Industry: Healthcare

Area of operation: Global

Employees: >1,000

Simplified sales process, powered by automation

As a leading provider of diagnostic tests, the company wanted to ensure that their customers could get attended right away to treatment decisions and not fritter away their valuable time getting through the sales process. However, increasing business slowed down the ‘sales to invoice process’ because the sales team used different models, ranging from promotional discounts, existing customer incentives, referrals, etc., to drive sales. Hence, there was an urgent need to automate the sales to invoicing processes.

Orion customized Apttus on Salesforce Platform as per sales process, and also automated and integrated the entire process to simplify and speed it up. Download the case study to read more.

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