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Framework based solutions that transform and optimize your tax function

Tax Practice Transformation Solutions


Digital Transformation has touched all business functions, including tax. The tax function is becoming more dynamic and challenging with big data, process automation and cloud driving disruption across the taxation areas. As Tax administration becomes more complex, it demands robust and comprehensive tax solutions. Orion has been at the forefront of transforming the tax processes using cutting edge technologies.

Our tax solutions cover the following areas in the Tax Clients and Tax Landscape:

  • Hedge Funds Partnership Allocations
  • Joint Venture Partnership Allocations
  • Regulated Investment Companies
  • Assessments
  • Compliance
  • Reporting
  • Securities Analysis
  • K1 Solutions



We have the core expertise to optimize your tax functions which transform complex business processes with digital solutions ranging from standardized tools and workflows, extensible and integrated platform, integrated analytics, centralized document repository to collaborative environment.

Tax Data Management

Orion assists companies to simplify tax compliance, support tax planning with sustainable tax compliance, planning, and examination support. We use an automated workflow driven approach for managing, communicating, and implementing policies and procedures across the enterprise.


Risk Management

Orion supports businesses to gain visibility over internal and external risks to allow them to manage their long term strategies. Our integrated and flexible framework is ideal for documenting and analyzing risks, developing mitigation plans, defining controls, and managing ongoing risk assessments.

Partner Tax

Orion assists firms to address the new game changing audit rules that would apply to all partnerships post 2017, and helps firms to find if they can elect out of the tax regime and if not, then consider strategies for mitigating the impact. Orion offers simple compliance automation to advanced cloud based solutions to improve processes.

Corporate Tax

Orion helps businesses to implement a compliance oriented management that brings in transparency and visibility by optimized business processes. This allows them to quickly adapt to new tax strategies and focus on productivity, tax risk management and data insights based decision making. Our mature delivery processes, which evolve with time and engagements, provides organizations with the advantage of analyzing data and keeping pace with new standards on reporting and transparency.

Regulatory Compliance Management

Orion partners companies in their ongoing process of achieving compliance in an ever changing regulatory environment and looming threat of underestimated compliance related activities’ expense. We provide a dynamic compliance framework that responds to market and regulatory developments.

Corporate Joint Ventures

Corporate joint ventures could be short term projects or long term relationships which provides entry to new markets, and opens the door to more resources such as specialized staff, technology and finance. Orion brings in its extensive years of experience in implementing line of business solutions, including implementation and integration of solutions across enterprise systems.

Key Benefits of Orion’s Tax Solutions


Automate Tax Business Processes

Reduce or eliminate manual processes for reviewing transaction data and adapt effortlessly to a wide variety of tax requirements.

Optimize Tax Rules & Compliance

Rectify potential compliance issues immediately and leading to accurate reports and dashboards.

Increase Business Agility

Manage operations seamlessly by leveraging data and analytics to business improve outcomes