Harness emerging technology opportunities

Orion assists companies to scrutinize and solve the systems, operational and technical impacts of disruptive new technologies on OSS’s utilizing leading-edge tools and custom technology solutions.

UNIXPROS, a division of Orion, adds expertise in telecom network systems and operations to our considerable menu of services. We have worked alongside our new and existing clients aiding them in overcoming obstacles in their telecom departments.

We specialise in solutions and services that reduce instances of following situations:

  • Mission critical legacy applications capped and complex to replace
  • New applications and integration which are very complex, cost-prohibitive and risky
  • New implementations taking too long, resulting in enormous costs
  • New disruptive technologies and their impact on OSSs were not well understood
  • Limitations of Best of Breed and Best of Suite OSS packages
  • Lack of understanding integration of legacy systems with next generation systems
  • Convergence of Enterprise/Carrier Networks creating new bottlenecks

Our Solutions


eEnablement and modernization of Legacy OSS through the capping and integration of antiquated systems


Utilizing our expertise in WANART, analyzing the performance characteristics of your application in its current network environment and predict its behavior in a new network environment

Lowered Risk

Lower the risk of OSS transition by developing and implementing a “Legacy to Next Generation” gateway

Broadband services

Develop new OSSs for broadband services


Integrated multi-carrier OSSs to renew and leverage existing investments with our industry, leading custom APIs to legacy applications


Big data analytics, churn analysis, network performance data, subscriber data analytics and subscriber profiling


Our Cloud Services increase your operational efficiency and performance


Enterprise mobility solutions across various mobile platforms, customized operator branded CPE and mobile devices

Business Value

Partnering with Orion’s experts will ensure a cost-effective delivery with rapid ROI. We have extensive expertise and experience across all layers of carrier and enterprise networks. Utilizing leading-edge tools and technology, we design and deliver unique solutions leveraging legacy investments in innovative ways that will positively affect your bottom-line revenue.