Orion lleva décadas invirtiendo en la creación de relaciones con las empresas más innovadoras e importantes del mundo. Trabajamos con socios de los sectores de servicios financieros, servicios profesionales, telecomunicaciones y medios de comunicación, alta tecnología, deportes profesionales, salud y ciencias de la vida, comercio electrónico y educación. 

Creemos que la confianza basada en la experiencia hace posible trabajar con socios para potenciar el crecimiento de nuestros clientes, tanto si buscan una nueva solución de socio como si quieren ampliar una ya existente. 

“La nueva generación de jugadores clave de hoy en día es lo suficientemente ágil como para adaptarse a los cambios continuos y rápidos, al mismo tiempo posee madurez y capacidades tecnológicas full stack para crear soluciones únicas para empresas de todas las formas y tamaños.”
Raj Patil
Orion Innovation
CEO y Presidente

Asociaciones a Hiperescala

Asociaciones Tecnológicas

Denodo is a leader in data management that aims to unify data assets and make them ubiquitous and secure. As a Silver Partner, Orion has worked with Denodo to bring structured and unstructured data to information at the point of decision making. We offer deep domain expertise in Financial Services, Professional Services, Telecom & Media, Hi-Tech, Sports and Education verticals.
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Orion partners with Dynatrace to simplify cloud complexity and innovate faster and more efficiently with observability, AIOps, and application security in one platform.
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JFrog’s mission is to transform the way enterprises manage and release software updates. Orion partners with JFrog to deliver SecOps and DevSecOps for Telecom clients in their OSS/ BSS application environments. Orion’s Security practice also delivers Identity Access Managment, and edge device security works with JFrog in DevOps and DevSecOps.
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Matilda Cloud provides innovative products that automate the migration of applications to the cloud and that optimize the operation of applications in the cloud. Orion partners with Matilda Cloud to provide robust processes to discover on-premise and cloud-based application dependencies, and to migrate the appropriate applications to the cloud of your choice. Orion’s COMET manages cost optimization for such migrations.
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Gardner MQ Leader Mendix is a platform that enables users to build and continuously improve mobile and web applications at scale. Orion partners with Mendix to deliver Low-Code apps on multiple devices. We bring deep domain expertise to the process—in Financial Services, Professional Services, Telecom & Media, Hi-Tech, Sports and Education verticals. Orion offers more than 70 Mendix-certified associates and a design-led, technology-driven approach.
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Orion partners with MuleSoft, offering the technology and expertise clients need to build their own application networks — enabling them to speed up project delivery, secure and manage access, and do more, faster with less.
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A nine-time Gartner MQ leader, New Relic develops cloud-based software to help website and application owners track the performance of their services. Orion partners with NewRelic to monitor, debug and improve clients’ entire application stack.
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Orion partners with Redhat to power their AARMOR framework which helps to manage, monitor and automate cloud infrastructure and application elements in the enterprise environment. It combines AI, Machine Learning and digital operations to deliver proactive, agile and actionable insight-driven operations in enterprise IT.
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Orion partners with ServiceNow to provide IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM) and IT business management (ITBM) to large and mid-sized clients, allowing users to manage projects, teams and customer interactions via a variety of apps and plugins.
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Splunk produces software for searching, monitoring and analyzing machine-generated data. Orion partners with Splunk to deliver a security and observability platform that delivers Operational Intelligence to clients.
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Txture.IO is a platform that drives fast and efficient cloud transformations. Orion partners with Txture.IO to power rapid business case analysis for cloud-to-cloud and on-premise-to-cloud migrations. Orion’s Cloud Transformation Hub uses Txture.IO to deliver planning and continuous modernization.
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Asociaciones Verticales

Orion offers end-to-end agile implementation services for all Temenos product suites, fast-tracking digital transformation in the banking and financial services industries.
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Orion works with Veeva, a cloud-based computing company focused on the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, to manage regulatory lifecycle programs for global clients. Orion is an Emerging Services Partner on the Vault RIM platform.
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Orion is a Services Partner with Yseop, which specializes in no-code, natural language content generation from data.
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