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Llevamos más de tres décadas probando software de misión crítica antes de su lanzamiento. Nuestros equipos integran la automatización de pruebas en el proceso de desarrollo para crear una infraestructura de pruebas eficiente y eficaz para las iniciativas digitales.

“We have a deep passion for quality and flexibility. Our goal is to create the industry’s most reliable and powerful solutions.”
Dmitry Oshmarin
Quality Engineering Center of Innovation
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Maturity Assessments
Assess QA maturity to understand and redesign testing strategies to locate potential QA process improvements
Agile Testing Services
Execute various kinds of testing including functional, non-functional, performance, security, and usability testing
Test Automation
Complete test automation from developing a strategy to execution for automated test data generation, UI, and API test automation
Business Testing as a Service
Dedicated testing teams execute domain led testing services that align with key business drivers
Infrastructure Testing
Maintaining a test environment and managing test data for resilience & DR testing for DevOps
UX Research Methods That Protect Revenue and Reputation
by Silvia Grossmann, Senior UX/UI Designer
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Quality Assurance
Orion’s Quality engineering services enhances software quality, reduce costs through efficient testing, and contribute to faster time-to-market, ensuring a positive user experience while mitigating risks and adapting to new technologies and compliance standards.
Ensuring Software Quality

At Orion, we focus on quality by testing functionalities, fixing bugs, and ensuring reliability. Our efficient testing, including automation, speeds up the process, widens coverage, and catches issues early, saving costs.

Improved User Experience

Our emphasis extends beyond functional testing to encompass the overall user experience. By ensuring the software is user-friendly, reliable, and aligns with customer expectations, we actively contribute to creating a positive user experience.

Faster Time to Market

Testing things efficiently, especially with automation, speeds up how quickly we create software. This means we can get software to the market faster, helping businesses stay competitive and meet the changing needs of customers.

Risk Mitigation

Quality engineering helps identify and manage risks in software development, covering areas such as security vulnerabilities, performance issues, and other potential challenges that might affect the success of the software in the market.

Compliance and Standards

Quality engineering services guarantee that software products meet industry standards and regulations, which is vital, particularly in sectors with stringent compliance and regulatory demands like financial services, and Healthcare and Life Sciences.

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