We value our reputation of integrity that was built on long-term, trust-based relationships. We are guided by the principle of “doing the right thing”. Our employees receive mandatory training on our policies, procedures and code of conduct. As an organization, we value an equitable society and encourage our employees to volunteer and give back to the communities where we live and work.

Below is a sample of some of Orion’s community activities and our employees’ volunteering efforts ​over the last few years.

Kochi – Old Age Home

As part of Orion’s Kochi 10th Anniversary celebrations in 2019, we initiated a CSR activity of giving back. A group of Orion employees visited Santhwanam, an old age home in Kochi, India, that catered to more than 30 residents. The group distributed gift packages, played live music, and organized other entertainment activities. It was an overwhelming experience for the residents and they participated in all the activities with gusto as they rarely get such a chance to showcase their talents in front of an audience. We now provide financial aid on a monthly basis to support this organization.

Chennai – Orphanage

A visit to an orphanage was a life-changing experience for both our employees and the children. Orion Chennai employees visited an orphanage, Balagurukulam, a non-profit organization that provides abandoned and deprived children with shelter, food, medical facilities, and education. An awareness program was organized on the mosquito-transmitted Dengue disease and how to avoid its spread. In addition, a donation of Rs. 75,000 was gifted to Balagurukulam as financial aid. The group organized activities and games for the children to bring happiness for a day in their lives. Lunch was distributed along with gift packages of school stationery items and groceries.

Coimbatore – Orphanage

Orion employees had an opportunity to visit Ashraya Charitable society Balabhavan, a non-profit organization for children. This society takes care of around 140 children. The group organized activities and games for the children. A gift package of snacks, chocolates and stationery items was distributed amongst the children. This experience was valuable to both Orion employees and the children.

Madurai – Boarding (Residential) School

Orion’s Madurai employees visited NMR Subburaman Memorial residential school, a part of Harijan Sevak Sangh Trust. This non-profit organization was started by Mahatma Gandhi to eradicate untouchability in India and today it empowers underprivileged young boys and girls by providing them vocational training. The school caters to around 125 students ranging from 3-10 years of age. The group organized dance performances and games for the children. After the children had their hour of fun, they were given a gift package of stationery items to complete the day.

Hyderabad – Education and Healthcare

Our employees spent time with underprivileged children in conjunction with the Asha Jyothi organization. Asha Jyothi is a volunteer based non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of the underprivileged by providing access to Education and Healthcare.

Spending time with the children was a lesson in fortitude, courage and determination to keep up the spirit in the face of adversity. This was one CSR activity where it could be said with conviction that our employees benefited more than they contributed. Faces were wreathed in smiles and we came back with our hearts and minds full of love, awe and admiration.

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