Brave the Storm of Rising Cloud Costs

Many enterprises grapple with enforcing cloud governance best practices and managing costs. Orion has developed a comprehensive solution designed to address these challenges head-on. Our accelerators empower enterprises with clarity and control, providing unprecedented visibility, accountability, and recommendations when it comes to cloud optimizations and governance structures. Our experienced Cloud FinOps practitioners can cut cloud spending while actively solving customer-specific challenges to ensure the optimal performance of their cloud infrastructure.  

Saving Our Clients Millions

For more than a decade, Orion has been supporting enterprise clients in building sustainable cloud practices. Our transformative FinOps approach saved a substantial $4.7MM in cloud costs for a major auditing firm over the past 3 years. The Orion team identified cost trends, usage analysis, orphaned resources, and more to cut costs and drive utmost value out of cloud spending.

Continuous Cost
Cloud Spend Decrease
Cloud Performance
Reduction in Tech Debt
Master Cloud Cost Control
Orion’s successful cloud cost optimization strategies are powered by COMET: Cloud Cost Operation Maturity and Efficiency Toolkit. It offers end-to-end visibility of cloud financial operations, driving automated cost optimization actions.
Quick Maturity Assessment
Rapid evaluation, short-term and long-term recommendations for success.
Deep Cost Insights
Understand cloud spending patterns and trends for informed decision-making.
Customizable Implementation
Implement tailored and scalable solutions that address your enterprise needs.
Zero Cost Features
Out-of-the-box dashboards, automation, governance policies, no extra charges.
Governance & Custom Automation
Robust policies to streamline and fortify cloud operations.
Real-time Monitoring & Alerting
Proactive insights into cloud spends to avoid unnecessary costs.
Unlock the power of COMET
Interested in how our COMET accelerator can transform your workflows and boost productivity? Our experts will guide you through key features tailored to your business, request your demo now.
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Why Orion for Cloud Cost Optimization?
COMET Cloud Mastery

Orion’s COMET maximizes multi-cloud management efficiency and optimizes costs, empowering investments in IaaS and PaaS through specialized techniques.

Tailored Cost Efficiency

Orion’s customer success teams provide tailored solutions to optimize costs and savings, helping businesses efficiently navigate complex cloud environments while minimizing expenses. 

Strategic Cost Optimization

Orion offers strategic cloud optimization, identifying cost-saving opportunities like right-sizing and scaling, while providing mature recommendations for enhanced ROI through analytics.

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