Data Security & Privacy Solution

The Orion Pseudonymization Tool, powered by AI/ML, helps to meet Personally Identifiable Information (PII) regulation laws (e.g. European GDPR, US CCPA) while sharing or analyzing text log files. The laws require privacy of personally identifiable information so the tool anonymizes personal information when a file is downloaded and shared.

This product can be integrated into other digital products, both consumer-facing and software-related, for enterprises. The solution is applicable for systems that produce log files with PII data and may be relevant for:

  • Software product vendors
  • Enterprises as software product end users
  • Service companies providing support services for software products

The solution discovers all places where PII is present in a log file and either masks them with an asterisk symbol (*) or replaces them with other randomly generated words. Words are replaced consistently throughout all log files loaded to the solution as a batch. This allows the data team to trace object handling throughout the logs, while all PII data is removed.

The Orion Pseudonymization Tool can be deployed on a server, either on-premise or on cloud, to provide a web-based user interface (UI).


  • Text log file processing engine
  • Machine Learning (ML) based discovery rules
  • ML models pre-trained on PII data
  • Regular expression-based discovery rules
  • List lookup based discovery rules
  • Flexible rule and processing configuration on per product or component basis
  • PII masking
  • PII pseudonymization, consistently throughout batch of file (if necessary)


  • The tool can be adapted to any solution and trained for any custom product logs, using a Deep Machine Learning model with up to 99% accuracy
  • Support of different types of PII: personal, financial, health, national, and security data
  • Web-based UI that does not require an extra software installation on user’s side

Additional Services

  • Integration – Deployment and integration in any given environment
  • Customization – Development of new or adaptation of existing features to fit your needs
  • Maintenance – Support of deployed solution in case of found defects