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Enterprises are facing challenges with ineffective governance leading to several issues like non-compliance with industry regulatory standards, slower multi-cloud adoption, higher spend, and increased vulnerability to cyber threats. Orion’s Cloud Operations & Governance Maturity Assessment helps identify critical gaps to effectively enforce cloud governance, compliance, and security standards. Our accelerator offers comprehensive visibility and accountability to identify governance gaps and enforcement capability to bring governance maturity across multiple Hyperscaler’s accounts. It introduces continuous guardrails and proactive anomaly detection, ensuring security and compliance measures evolve to ongoing safeguards.  

Mature Cloud Governance for Our Clients

We continuously drive cloud governance and operations for more than 20 large enterprises clients in several industries including auditing and accounting, Financial & Insurance, Sports, and telecom.  We execute quarterly governance and operations assessments to ensure clients meet security, compliance, cost, resiliency, and operations best practices. Our solutions have increased operational efficiency, reduced mean time to recovery, and reduced cloud spending.

Reduction in Security
Improvement in Cloud Governance
Reduction in Cloud
Engineering Time
Reduction in Infrastructure Operation Costs
Effective Cloud Governance
Orion is driving enterprise success by mitigating risk, accelerating innovation, performance, and optimization. We have built an governance assessment backed by our Cloud Operation Center accelerator that drives excellence. Orion’s cloud experts provide best practices and optimizations to improve governance.
Cloud Operation Center
Deep insights to address security, reliability, efficiency, excellence, sustainability, and cost optimization.
Governance Enablement
Comprehensive governance capabilities with 1600+ cloud governance polices, templates, orchestrations and automations
Hyperscaler Support
Quickly onboard AWS, Azure, GCP Hyperscaler’s to drive multi-cloud governance.
AI powered accelerator to continuous governance for FinOps, SecOps, and CloudOps.
Guardrails and Auto-Remediation
Set guardrails to identify drift in real-time and auto-remediation to prevent security breaches.
Compliance Standards
Leverage automated compliance across multiple standards such as NIST 800-53, FedRAMP, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27017, and many more
CX Product Assessment
Request a Governance Maturity Assessment
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