Customer facing financial services employees need up-to-date information on customers to be readily available, and the right toolset to act upon that information.

Designed in partnership with credit unions and community banks, Orion’s GoVision CRM is a state-of-the-art customer management platform that seamlessly automates processes, improves the customer experience, and motivates staff to grow your market share.

Unlike general CRM’s, GoVision CRM has components and core systems that are specific to the needs of financial institutions, such as:

  • Dash®, GoVision’s proprietary dashboard, providing actionable customer information delivered in real-time
  • Providing lead generation workflows customizable to your targeted products and services
  • An extensive and configurable incentive and performance management tool designed to support a financial institution’s unique goals and compensation plan
  • Location-based calendar management enabling customers to book appointments from your website at the local location level
  • A marketing event management mobile application to facilitate lead fulfillment, delivering prospective information directly into GoVision maximizing your community involvement efforts
  • Lobby queues and kiosk software to alert staff of in-person customer inquiries, reducing wait time and enhancing the customer experience

Value for your financial institution

Measuring effectiveness, be it by employee, department, branch, specific campaign, or institution wide, can be difficult and time consuming. Incentive based compensation can be difficult to compute and is usually a manual process prone to error. Translating strategic initiatives to front-line actions is daunting.  

GoVision CRM solves these challenges by:

Support with Deep Domain Expertise

Our GoVision CRM team is made up of credit union and financial industry veterans, enabling us to provide a product customized to a financial institution’s unique needs.  You can expect a consultative approach to your implementation and extraordinary support from a team that knows your business. 

To learn more about the GoVision CRM platform or to schedule a demo, please fill out our webform and a member of our team will contact you.

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