Healthcare & Life Sciences

Evolving a more nimble Healthcare and Life Sciences industry

In today’s world of accelerated medicines and approval processes, Healthcare and Life Sciences companies are rapidly evolving to keep up with the times.

They are challenged with:

  • Speed to market and increased focus on emerging markets​
  • Competition from innovative companies and new business models​
  • Patient-centric innovative solutions
  • Maximizing the value of ever-increasing data​
  • Fragmented and aging legacy systems​
  • Fast-changing global regulations and compliance requirements​
  • More generic and bio-similars impacting revenues​
  • Outcomes driven, patient-centric clinical development​
  • Increasing partnership and M&A​

Orion has been serving the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry with business solutions for several decades. We help companies harness data in impactful ways to achieve business outcomes by providing software solutions and services in areas that have traditionally been slow to exploit the power of data.


Digitally transforming the patient experience and business processes for healthcare providers. Learn more about our solutions in the healthcare industry here.

Life Sciences

Regulatory compliance and manual processes are adding additional pressure to speed to market. Technology is transforming the regulatory value chain, streamlining both upstream and downstream activities. These include regulatory strategy and submissions planning, registration tracking, and health authority interactions.

We have helped Fortune 500 and mid-sized Life Sciences companies solve complex business problems across Regulatory, Digital Health, Quality, Clinical, Safety and Commercial. Learn more about our solutions in the Life Sciences industry here.

Watch our webinar on How Emerging Life Sciences Companies are Transforming Product Registrations with Technology.

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