Are You Prepared for Cyber Threats?

Strong and effective Security Operations are necessary in our dynamic digital environment filled with ever-advancing cyber threats. Detecting and responding to advanced threats can be difficult and many organizations face limited in-house expertise, escalating costs, and challenges of staying up to date in fighting advanced threats. Our Security Operations Assessment offers a systematic evaluation of an organization’s existing security operations, aiming to identify gaps, inefficiencies, and areas of improvement.  

Shielding Our Clients From Attacks

Our dedicated security team has a cumulative 300 years of experience in security operations and consultancy. They have successfully optimized security operations for Fortune 500 enterprises across sectors like finance, healthcare, and retail elevating readiness and response capabilities to cyber threats.

Quicker Threat Detection
and Response
Reduction in False
Reduction of the Risk of
Major Breaches
Improvement in Overall
Cyber Resilience
Providing Actionable Insight to Empower Cyber Defense
Each security operations assessment is tailored to the organization’s unique challenges and infrastructure. We evaluate the effectiveness of our client’s current security operations and offer our expertise as to the priority actions to take to address gaps and mature operational preparedness.
Expert Testing & Insight
Our team of certified Cyber defense professionals will put current Security Operations to the test by simulating real-world attacks to measure effectiveness.
SecurAsset Map
A deep dive that offers a more granular insight utilizing NIST framework to identify gaps and tools that a standard assessment may not find.
Continued Support
Our assessment provides insight into security gaps and actionable ways to remediate and continued support through post-assessment workshops and training sessions.
Build Your Effective Cybersecurity Operation
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Why Orion for Your Security Operations Assessment?
Ever Evolving

As the nature of cyber threats continuously evolves, so do we, continually investing in the latest cybersecurity tools and technologies to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.

Trusted Partner

We provide our clients with ongoing support throughout their cybersecurity journey, including post-assessment regular check-ins and updates.

Industry Tailored

Orion has a background in many major industries allowing us to tailor our assessments and simulated attacks to suit the real-world challenges faced by our clients in their specific industries. 

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