We provide a clear migration path with a cloud transformation hub setup, allowing for automated discovery of enterprise workloads and dependencies, curation of migration plans and scripts for re-hosting, and re-platform and re-architecture strategies.

Cloud transformation services for enterprises
On-Prem & Cloud-to-Cloud Migration

Leveraging proven framework like Migration Foundation Factory (SPARK), Migration Acquisition Process (MAP), Discovery, Assessment, Rationalization and Transformation (DART) and Adoption, Improvement and Modernization (AIM).

Setup, Prepare, Adopt, Requisites & Knowledge Base (SPARK)

Setting up, preparing and adopting the cloud migration with all prerequisite assets, with Orion’s knowledge base and migration factory artifacts.

Migrate/Modernize Acquisition Process (MAP)

Educating and migrating other enterprise-wide business units to the cloud platform, leveraging the SPARK and CTH migration factories.

Discover, Assessment, Rationalization & Transformation (DART)

Streamlining enterprise-wide migration to cloud platforms by executing end-to-end cloud migration steps through automated discovery, assessment, rationalization, target architecture, target cloud costs, migration kickoff and migration cutover activities.

Adoption, Improvement & Continuous Modernization (AIM)

Driving successful adoption by identifying further improvement opportunities, conducting periodic audits to assess the maturity of the services and monitoring operating effectiveness.

Cloud Transformation

Automate information collection on the data center, infrastructure, application workloads, people skills, organization and internal business processes, technology and current state landscape.


Leverage the normalized data and analyze the current state architecture, application dependencies and risks.


Finalize the target architecture phase and leverage the app rationalization assessment data.


Define migration waves, sequencing and timelines required to move the application portfolio to the cloud platform, ensuring prerequisites are established and landing zones are created.


Handover through discussions, documentation study and infrastructure analysis, infrastructure technical documents, runbooks and access requirements.


A financial services firm
Our client wanted to move its business critical products to the Microsoft Azure Platform. The enterprise customer was not very keen on the classic ‘lift and shift’ strategy, and they did not want to invest in a complete rewrite of the application.

Solution & Technologies
We proposed a strategy of ‘migrate and modernize’, wherein the application would be moved to PaaS services of Azure by making minor changes in the application, ensuring the core application remained unchanged. We recommended an active/active DR strategy to ensure zero downtime for its applications. Orion started with discovery to determine the quantum of the changes required to make the move, and delivered a hosts of POCs to help the client make informed choices. We moved the product to the cloud, making it vastly more elastic and available. No manual intervention was required to set up the environment and deploy the application.

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