Developing Smart Industrial Products

For the past two decades, Orion has developed dozens of technically complex software systems for commercial and consumer-oriented needs, including:

Commercial Lighting Sector

In the commercial lighting sector, Orion designed and implemented city-wide public lighting systems, which allowed city governments to recover over half of their energy expenditures through a conversion to controllable LED lighting systems.

Commercial Data Center Industry

For the expansive commercial data center industry, we helped our client solve a major problem in cooling these data centers.  Through this solution, only the equipment racks that need cooling receive attention – allowing a dramatic reduction in energy related costs.

Electric Energy Metering

In the area of electric energy metering, we developed a streamlined method for backhauling essential metering information through the implementation of radio meshing protocols. Within automotive telematics, we implement numerous solutions focused on safety, fleet dispatch, driver awareness and driver assistance. As a result, Orion software engineers now have incredible technical depth in understanding and implementing automotive software protocols.

Smart, Connected Products for All Industries

Whether it’s Cloud, On Premise, or a Cloud/Hybrid model, Orion has the right experience in designing and deploying industrial software systems which can can quickly scale to support millions of subscribers.