Financial Services

Positioning Financial Services organizations for the future.

The financial services industry is changing rapidly. Digital wallets are replacing cash; online lending is growing faster than bank loans; challenger banks are gaining market share from established players; robo-advisers are auto piloting investment portfolios, and traditional banks risk becoming merely a “middle man” within the industry landscape.

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Embracing disruption

As we enter the phase of Bank 4.0, in which disruption is ultimately a continuum, how can financial services companies enhance the customer experience, improve revenue and improve ROI while facing increased competition?

At Orion, we enable banks, capital markets, wealth & asset management, payment providers, insurance companies and fintechs to embrace disruption by combining engineering and design thinking with our holistic understanding of the issues currently facing the sector. We use advanced technology, including AI, NLP, automation and predictive analytics so that financial institutions can increase profitably, improve ROI and significantly enhance the overall user experience.

Understanding compliance needs in FS

Orion’s experience working in highly regulated industries also gives us an incomparable perspective on the compliance needs of financial services organizations. We use data, analytics and visualization technology to reduce the complexity of business workflows, spot emerging risks and improve the effectiveness of the compliance function.

Evolving to a digital-first mindset

Successful financial services companies are evolving to meet the changing needs of their respective customers and internal audiences. By adopting and executing a digital-first mindset, financial institutions will have the opportunity to build on their long-term legacies, and in doing so, better position themselves for the future.

Point of Sale (POS) Solutions

With the growing demand for mobile POS terminals, integrated payment sources, and contactless systems, the POS market has shifted dramatically. Our team can help you embrace acceleration with software development and maintenance services that allow us to build award-winning products.

POS Services to Grow Your Business

  • Client Applications: iOS, Android, and Web applications for your business with UX/UI designers that already understand your needs
  • Hardware Integration: Knowledge of all hardware standards (Printers, Card Swipes, PinPads, Cash Drawers and Tills, Barcode Scanners, etc.)
  • Cloud & Infrastructure: Migrating your product to the cloud or reviewing and enhancing current cloud infrastructure
  • Integration with Services
  • Localization: Language localization and POS adaptation to comply with different laws and regulations
  • Performance Assessment: System Architecture analysis, performance testing, and consulting on productivity improvements
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting: Enhancing POS solutions with best in-class statistical analysis and reporting systems carefully designed to meet your requirements
  • Customization: Adjusting your current solution to accommodate for new business needs
  • High Availability: Developing robust POS systems and eliminating instances of failure in existing infrastructure
  • Customer Support Services: Enhancing support with experienced customer support professionals trained in accordance with best practices
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