Companies grapple with critical business decisions on a day-to-day basis. With the right tool, data can provide the right opportunities, insights, and answers.

Our Analance Platform is an all-in-one, plug-and-play platform that brings together data preparation, business intelligence, and advanced analytics capabilities. From understanding why customers are unhappy to predicting how the market might respond to new products, enterprises can deep dive into data and get the whole story.

Standout Features: Make the Most of Enterprise Data
  • Interactive, fully customizable data visualizations  
  • Cloud ready and platform agnostic capabilities 
  • Various exporting options (PPT, PDF, Word, CSV, PNG) 
  • Ability to connect to heterogeneous data sources 
  • Modern and secure UI and API integration capabilities  
  • Intuitive GUI and step-by-step process workflows 
  • Hierarchical multi-tenancy support 
  • Data governance and security  
Modules to Cover the Entire Data Journey
  1. Analance Data Modeler – Bring in the data required through 20+ data source connectors (Big Data, API, RDBMS, etc.) and prepare for analysis.
  2. Analance Business Intelligence – See your data come to life in various visualizations and dashboards. Build dashboards by pinning worksheets to visualize insights at a glance.
  3. Analance Administrator – Empower administrators to seamlessly configure user roles, channels, licenses, and various settings.
  4. Analance Professional Report – Download preconfigured, static reports that are tailored to unique business requirements.
  5. Analance Document Management – Store relevant documents and share critical insights easily across the organization, eliminating reporting silos.
  6. Ask Analance AI – Empower users to interact with the enterprise data through natural language conversations to obtain relevant data visualizations or structured reports. No technical jargon, no complexity—just actionable insights at your fingertips.

Seamless Data Discovery with Business Intelligence

  • Visualize data with basic charts, advanced charts, tabular data, matrices, stacked charts, maps, combinational charts, cards and more.
  • Drill through and into hierarchical data.
  • Customize reports according to business needs with options for color palettes and themes.
  • Build customized reports and dashboards by pinning worksheets to visualize output at a glance.
  • Create multiple worksheets to document varying insights on a single data set.
  • Create interactive workbooks to keep all the reports organized in a single workspace.
  • Easily share workbooks, data sources, sheets, dashboards, and reports within the organization.

Infusing Gen AI into Business Intelligence

  • Advanced Conversational Capabilities: Say goodbye to complicated commands and technical jargon. With Ask Analance AI, users can communicate with the system using plain English, unlocking the full potential of their data through natural language conversations to obtain instant insights presented in clear visualizations or reports.  
  • Intuitive Interface: The interface is crafted for ease of use, guiding users through the analytics process, making it easy to explore, analyze, and interpret data with confidence. 
  • Context-Awareness: By analyzing the context of your questions, Ask Analance AI provides tailored insights and recommendations, ensuring users receive the most relevant information to support their decision-making process. Whether users seek to optimize operations, identify opportunities for growth, or mitigate risks, Ask Analance AI delivers personalized insights that drive tangible business outcomes. 
Deployment Options
  • Cloud
  • On-Premises
  • Hybrid

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