With our deep domain knowledge and cloud capabilities, we move your workloads to the cloud and modernize your platforms. Building cloud-first, we utilize the latest services and technologies, such as data analytics, big data and data warehousing, machine learning, AI, IoT, Kubernetes and Serverless storage to hyper-scale enterprise solutions.

Cloud-first services
Cloud Data Analytics Services

Offering enterprise-wide data analytics solutions from on-premises data sources and data integration that use industry-standard ETL tools to cloud-native and serverless data storage and data warehouses. We provide OLAP cubes to make the data analytics easier using various visualization tools.

App Modernization Services

Providing end-to-end solutions to deploy secure portable containerization of applications to multi-cloud and hybrid clouds within minutes, aligned with intelligent automation, IoT, Kubernetes, AI and machine learning, cloud serverless computing, API-driven architecture analysis and deployment.

Cloud Native App Development

We build applications based on cloud native principles to implement scalability, flexibility, resiliency. Building modular microservice architectures that allows to develop, deploy and scale independently. Leverage devops, monitoring practices for seamless continuous deployment and efficient observability and operations to cloud native infrastructure and orchestrate containers.

Application Modernization
Technology Debt Reduction

Assess enterprise application portfolio to reduce technology debt during application refactoring and modernization.

Architecture Refresh

Reimagine applications to meet modern architecture standards that allow for autoscaling, healing and leveraging cloud potential.

Performance Efficiency

Right-size, right-scale application platforms.

Operation Efficiency

Design architectures to meet business continuity, high availability and disaster recovery.

Cost Effective Design

Design application platforms to meet cost-effective standards, build sustainable cloud practices.

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