Our Orion Sports Platform enables sports leagues and clubs to manage themselves more efficiently in terms of monitoring and adhering to changes related to technology, ticketing, managing contracts, credentialing, creating game day experiences and maintaining the integrity of the game. It comprises five specific modules that address each of these areas:

  • Core 
  • Accreditation/Credentialing
  • Integrity
  • VIP Ticketing 
  • Player status, location and position 

The Sports Technology Framework platform is: 

  • Flexible, configurable and easily deployed 
  • Delivered either via cloud, on premise or SAAS based provider 
  • Flexible with ability to synchronize data with other program management tools (JIRA, TFS)

Sports organizations face growing challenges in keeping up with evolving rules, regulatory demands, technologies, ticketing methods, credentialing procedures and event management tools. Creating enjoyable, organized game day experiences and maintaining the integrity of the game are our top priorities.

Our flexible, centralized Orion Sports Platform manages massive amounts of data and ensures consistency and accuracy across leagues, clubs and individual teams. It manages rules, rosters, player registration, movements and contracts, drug testing and key business operations, like VIP ticketing and security.

Core Module

The Core module is central to the entire framework in that it includes the shared data repository for secure control and access across systems, and it enables management of rosters, players, umpires, rules, registrations, player movements and contracts.

Core Module Features:

  • Ensures enforcement of rules and regulations of the game, both on and off the field. 
  • End-to-end management of infractions. 
  • Simplified creation and distribution of infringement notices. 
  • Streamlined administration of on-field player incidents and penalties through overseeing tribunal/body. 
  • Enables detailed tracking and analysis of each umpire’s performance, enabling personalized assistance and improvement. 
  • Digitally administers the roster for players and staff. 
  • Provides a comprehensive contracting solution throughout player lifecycle – all the way from their first contract through extensions, renegotiations, variations, and terminations. 

Core Module Benefits:

  • Simplifies overall league/club management.
  • Comprises all basic functionalities that sports leagues/clubs may need.

Accreditation/Credentialing Module

Accreditation streamlines operations and enhances security by granting complete control over who, when, where and how media and staff access events. It simplifies management of provisioning for access passes to league managed events, and allows users to set up custom access passes, accept and approve requests and distribute passes for a game, an entire season, or a special event.

Accreditation/Credentialing Module Features:

  • Enables organization administrators to request access passes on behalf of their staff.
  • Flexible review process gives admins complete control over pass approval.
  • Easily distributes passes to organization admins or directly to individuals.

Accreditation/Credentialing Module Benefits:

  • Ensures compliance of pass holders by emailing terms and conditions directly to the individual at time of purchase or registration.
  • Gathers existing profiles from external systems and reduce burden of manually entry.
  • Check-in process for season pass holders that provides visibility on exactly which games each person is attending.
  • Tracks problematic individuals with flagged comments and integrity check requirements.

Integrity Module

Integrity provides organizations with intelligence and case management capabilities. It enables management of cases, intelligence, entities (players, clubs, teams) and information reports. The module also helps organizations with doping management (as per WADA and CAS requirements), enabling these organizations to document and track all doping cases.

Integrity Module Features:

  • Stores information profiles for all players.  
  • Powerful global search allows organizations to search across both recently and previously uploaded documents. 
  • Draws insights from intel and cases through interactive dashboards and detailed reporting.

Integrity Module Benefits:

  • Ensures systematic case management for players, umpires, and staff for all types of cases.  
  • Simplifies case management and doping management. 
  • Maintains integrity of the players and leagues/clubs/teams.

VIP Ticketing Module

The VIP Ticketing module enables leagues and clubs to sell, as well as give away, complimentary tickets to high value customers, such as sponsors, partners, clubs, executives and employees through an ‘invitation-only’ marketplace.

VIP Ticketing Module Features:

  • Allows VIPs, sponsors, executives, clubs, internal staff, media, etc. to request tickets.  
  • Change ticket availability, prices and types by user type. 
  • Accepts payments through variety of modes – credit cards, department codes, invoices, etc. 

VIP Ticketing Module Benefits:

  • Simplifies ticketing management for VIPs and staff. 
  • Invitation-only access ensures security and confidentiality. 

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