Orion’s DevSecOps practice accelerates the delivery of applications while improving the developer experience and integrating security and compliance controls across the software delivery value chain. Orion’s transformative DevSecOps solutions focus on tools, process, and platform strategy.


Orion manages the continuous flow of software with end-to-end automation. Quality and security are built in at every step, from Automated Deployment Pipeline to Configuration Management and Version Control.


We enable faster releases with small batch sizes that move through Agile Release Trains with continuous learning and experimentation. Utilizing Lean Agile practices with cross-functional teams, Orion promotes collaboration, risk tolerance and knowledge sharing.


We improve the developer experience (DevEx) and productivity through self-service, automated infrastructure operations, a curated set of tools, and an integrated DevSecOps ecosystem to accelerate the delivery of applications.

DevSecOps at Scale Across the Enterprise
DevSecOps Consulting

Conduct a deep dive analysis of your DevSecOps ecosystem, across people, processes, tools and platforms. We perform Maturity and Capability Assessment (including gap analysis), Value Stream Mapping and Tools/Processes analysis and provide a roadmap for maturing the DevSecOps practices. 

Learn about our DevSecOps Maturity Assessment
DevSecOps Transformation & Implementation

Transform your enterprise into a Continuous Everything DevSecOps ecosystem that delivers value while ensuring security, quality and speed. Accelerate your enterprise journey with tools, secure environments, accelerators and frameworks spanning SDLC, automation, lean processes, measurement KPIs and collaboration strategies.

DevOps Management

Managing and orchestrating the end-to-end software delivery pipeline, infrastructure and cloud provisioning, configuration, availability and capacity management, build-to-release automation processes and controls, CI/CD, testing services, monitoring and metrics reporting, build-to-release orchestration of applications with static and dynamic code analysis, configuration management and compliance, vulnerability scanning, and container security to the cloud platform.

Platform Engineering

Improve your developer experience (DevEx) through Internal Developer Platforms (IDP) with unified self-service capabilities for developers, curated toolchains and workflows and standardize templates for developers, operations, and SRE teams.

Site Reliability Engineering

Our approach to SRE is comprehensive and includes implementing dev readiness and release gating for new changes, providing seamless upgrades to avoid service disruption, continuous and proactive monitoring, incident response, well-defined SLA & KPIs, maintaining compliance, comprehensive CR, and continuous collaboration in the value stream.

A Unified Approach to Security, Speed and Quality
Value Stream Management

Analyze end-to-end workflows across business, design, security, QA, infrastructure and operations

Security Shift Left Strategy

Embed security practices across the SDLC from design to operations and develop a security and compliance mindset to secure your software supply chain

GitOps Infrastructure Automation

Implement GitOps frameworks for infrastructure-as-code to provision and manage application infrastructure environments

Cloud Native DevOps

Manage cloud native container orchestration platforms for seamless delivery across environments

Developer Experience (DevEx)

Leverage IDP with self-service functionality 


A UK-Based Sports Association 
A leading London-based organization responsible for all aspects of amateur and professional games was struggling with long release cycles, manual deployments, human error and versioning management.  

Orion implemented and currently manages the DevSecOps ecosystem on Azure DevOps. We delivered faster time-to-market for new products, improved quality of applications, shifted security left, reduced Application Environment spin up time and achieved zero deployment failure through end-to-end, fully automated continuous delivery pipelines.

Reduction in build & deployment activities 
More deployments to PROD
Code quality adherence 
Code security vulnerabilities 
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