At Orion, we believe that data centers in this modern digital age should be equipped with scalable and secured infrastructure. Our infrastructure advisory services are aligned to provide guidance to optimize, design, resilient, scalable and efficient Infrastructure for enterprises.

End-to-End Infrastructure Advisory Services
DC Transformation Assessment & Consulting

Our approach comprehensively evaluates efficiency, performance, security, and scalability to align with business objectives. By providing strategic and technology roadmaps for transformation and modernization, we can help optimize processes and cost when it comes to virtualization, software-defined infrastructure, hyper-convergence, SDDC, SDN, and NFV Advisory.

Storage Assessment & Consulting

Storage is a key component to data center management. Our team assesses your storage, volumes, access, and performance to align with future storage growth and objectives. We provide guidance for you on SAN, NAS, object storage, and cloud storage.

Backup & Recovery Strategy

Orion Backup & Recovery Strategy aims to minimize data loss, maximize data availability, and reduce downtime in the event of disruptions. We provide recommendations and strategies on data retention policies, security, backup plans, automated backup, and disaster recovery planning.

DR & BCP Maturity Assessment

Our focus is to provide enterprises with a clear understanding of Risk identification and maturity model assessment of their enterprise’s current state of DR & BCP preparedness and resilience in the face of disruptions. We advise and develop a game plan for enhancing the DR and BCP strategies.

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