Throughout history, we’ve witnessed moments of change that have reshaped our world. Today, we find ourselves at the precipice of yet another transformative era, marked by the emergence of “Generative AI.” It’s not just another buzzword; it is a paradigm shift that promises to be as monumental as the introduction of the computer itself.  

Every company needs to find a path to value creation or be left behind. This webinar was broadcast on Wednesday, October 18th. Orion’s Chief Technology Officer, Rajul Rana, shared insights into how to strategically think about Generative AI, immediate applications to focus on, and actions to map your own plan to implement the technology so you can achieve immediate value. 

This webinar covered: 
  • The massive opportunity of Generative AI
  • What it will take to build the Generative AI infrastructure to achieve real business value 
  • Essential skills and the tool ecosystems for Gen AI implementation 
  • Evaluating Generative AI solution strategies and offerings by cloud providers 
  • Developing your investment strategy
  • How to ideate and get your idea turned into a proof of concept
  • Jumpstarting your Generative AI journey for immediate value for your business

Rajul Rana
Chief Technology Officer
Orion Innovation

Karolina Kocalevski
Head of Marketing & Communications / Moderator
Orion Innovation

Webinar audience:  
  • Business and Technology Leaders at mid-sized to large enterprises. 
  • AI Practitioners: Data scientists, ML engineers, and AI specialists exploring the unique aspects of Gen AI compared to traditional AI models. 

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