Model-driven IoT solution based on MS Azure Digital Twins

A Digital Twin leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) framework, to build a virtual representation of a real-world product, process or service. IoT sensors integrated with objects (e.g. industrial machines, cars, medical devices, wearables, embedded devices), capture data which indicates the health and performance of respective objects. The Digital Twins technology combines this data and builds a virtual representation that can help enterprises monitor and influence the way these objects function. This technology predicts process failure and will either automate corrective measures or send an alert for manual correction. The technology provides prompt insights about the way the product will function in the live environment and accelerates the product development cycle, with the goal of optimizing the user experience.

The Orion IoT Accelerator helps organizations set up and run a model-driven IoT solution based on the Azure Digital Twins platform. The solution offers the ability to monitor and manage remote devices and sensors via a customizable web client.


  • Dashboard with device location map, telemetry, and statistics
  • Device locations hierarchy
  • Device and sensor details
  • Rules definition with notifications by email
  • Alerts management
  • User roles and invites

The domain model is defined on Microsoft Digital Twins Definition Language (DTDL v2) version 2 and drives all parts of the solution including device IoT edge. The accelerator is based on .NET and JS/React technologies and supplied with an open-source code that includes Azure pipelines for automatic deployment and a model-driven device simulator.

Orion IoT Accelerator (Architecture Diagram)


  • Faster go-live: The turnkey solution allows for faster concept-to-launch
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Modular architecture, serverless design and model-driven approach, enable low cost of management and servicing
  • Flexible: Device agnostic support for any device connecting to the Azure cloud, and protected against new standards or protocols
  • Future-proof: Being based on the modern Azure Digital Twins platform keeps the solution aligned with the latest Microsoft trends

Additional Services

  • Modeling: Domain analysis and modeling on Microsoft DTDL v2
  • Integration: Deployment and integration in the organization’s business environment
  • Customization: Development of new or customization of existing features to define specific business scenarios
  • Maintenance: Scheduled maintenance & support after the solution is deployed

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