A well-defined learning & development (L&D) program is imperative for organizations to ensure employee career growth & talent retention. L&D teams invest a significant amount of time in ensuring that the programs are tailored to an employee’s learning needs. To be able to focus on the learning pedagogy, L&D teams need access to technology solutions that streamline the learning process. That’s where Orion Learning Platform comes in.

We offer products across virtual classrooms, virtual library, online assessment and more. The Orion Learning Platform offers the following modules, to align with clients’ L&D objectives.

Orion Classmate – Online Classroom Solution

The Orion Classmate enables online classroom streaming anytime, anywhere. Employees can use the solution from their computers, tablets or mobile devices to access videos that are either live streamed or recorded by trainers and mentors ahead of time.

e-AssessMe – Online Assessment Platform

e-AssessMe is an online assessment platform that enables online assessment setup, execution, evaluation, reports & analytics. To ensure complete assessment integrity, e-AssessMe leverages AI-based proctoring that facilitates face detection, facial recognition, object detection and voice activity detection. 

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