Global venture funding reached a record $621 billion in 2021, more than double 2020’s total of $294 billion, according CB Insights. Fintechs are quickly going from stealth startups to multibillion global financial institutions. As these businesses scale and add new features, having the right team and technology to support their growing operations is critical.  At the same time, fintechs are charged with balancing their ambitions and fast moving approach with the changing regulatory environment. They are also seeing a renewed focus on their services from traditional banks who are eager to mimic the services and features being offered by fintechs.

Fintechs are evolving and face growing expectations to lead the financial services industry in innovation. Our team partners with fintechs to help them continue driving the world toward a digital-first financial future. We have an extensive track record helping fintechs build innovative technology to helping them scale, protect their businesses and address client needs with modern customer experiences, including:

  • Data Analytics – Fintechs are collecting massive amounts of information and are using the latest AI, Machine Learning and automation technologies to maximize the value of their data.
  • Compliance Increased regulation is a common theme across fintech, especially as they ramp up and expand services and offerings to new markets and categories.
  • Security As more consumers move their banking online, cybercriminals are there to follow, making cybersecurity a top priority for today’s fintechs.

Orion can partner with your firm to anticipate evolving client and employee expectations, find the right answers, conceptualize and build the right solutions, and deliver the business transformation you need. We bring decades of experience transforming financial services operations with Digital Strategy, Experience Design, and Engineering. 

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