Orion drives enterprise transformation by providing a clear roadmap for cloud adoption, automation and acceleration in the discovery of workloads and dependencies. We create an AI-based assessment model to generate target architectures based on best practices, selecting the cloud platform best tailored to enterprises. Our team delivers a target operating model for seamless execution, including migration timelines, total cost, return on investment, target operating model, and workforce strategy.

Enabling digital transformation and business innovation
Cloud Assessment

Capturing applications, platforms, people, process, financial and infrastructure information to execute deep analysis, generating a detailed fitment assessment report providing visibility on current state portfolio analysis and target cloud transformation journey vision to make strategic cloud decisions. Platforms: Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

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Business Value Case Creation

Enabling enterprises to start the cloud journey, providing current state costs, migration costs and target state cloud operating costs and total cost of ownership, return on investment and cost and value continuum; a comprehensive value analysis of the transformation journey.

Modernization Planning & Roadmapping

Laying the pillars and building the roadmap for modernization, migration and large-scale enterprise cloud transformation programs. Includes migration plan envisioning for execution of groups, waves and migration paths to support dependencies, which allows enterprises to organize, govern and build a cloud operating model.

Cloud Platform Selection

Providing a multi-dimensional view of cloud attributes for selection, including ease of migration, enterprise adoption, workload support, cost analysis, transformation support and cloud strategy alignments.

Cloud Advisory Office

Providing oversight and governance to execute the cloud program, ensuring the implementation aligns with business strategy, the socialized business case, as well as defining operation model standards and ensuring the operational standards are set for security and risk compliance. Cloud best practices guidelines are set up, including change management to avoid any productivity disruption.

Cloud Strategy

Conduct discovery and assessment of digital information through automated application portfolio data processing, analysis and normalization to validate cloud suitability.

Value Mapping

Formulate cloud transformation scenarios—implementation migrations, modernizations, and hard and soft cost savings.


Plan and map the vision for a successful enterprise cloud adoption; use-case scenarios.

Platform Selection

Select enterprise platform, meeting needs including operations support, technology depth and breadth, adoption feasibility, security and compliance, costs and more.

Enterprise Socialization

Drive enterprise-wide adoption, establishing program governance, operation readiness and target operation model.


A marquee consulting services organization with a presence in over 125 locations
Our client’s system included ten internal data centers, 10 regional network PoPs, 3,500 network devices and services. We were tasked with formulating a cloud strategy across 65 countries, working with non-standardized IT infrastructure, transcontinental networks and offices, outdated technologies without support and redundant applications with slow network response.

Solution & Technologies
We provided cloud consulting with multi-cloud: Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and an in-house data center; private cloud applications portfolio optimization, implementation of an O365 mail solution, rationalization of approximately 200,000 Lotus Notes applications, CMDB sensitization and dependency mapping of applications to infrastructure, as well as software-defined network fabric and standardized network and infrastructure operations across all of the customers’ global offices. Benefits included a cloud strategy built with a federated model, featuring client private cloud, Azure, AWS and GCP.

TCO reduction
Re-engineered applications
Re-factored applications
Re-hosted applications
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