We are a value-based company with a focus on providing growth opportunities for our employees. Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is not just a policy; respect-for-all is a core value embrace our differences and believe that they make us stronger and more innovative. 

Employee Diversity

We are committed to creating a fair, inclusive, and diverse workplace, where all employees are valued for their unique experiences, knowledge, and talents. Our commitment extends to all personnel actions, including recruitment, hiring, promotion, and training. We believe that embracing our differences contributes to our success. 

Diversity Driven Internships

We’ve partnered with NPower to offer tech career opportunities to underserved communities in the Northeast US. NPower is a non-profit that connects non-traditional job seekers with diverse IT employers, creating a fast-track to jobs for veterans and young adults from low-income communities. We recruit interns from NPower’s bi-annual graduates for employment opportunities.

Women in Technology
My Orion Women’s Network (MyOWN) was launched in 2019 by a group of senior women executives to support and encourage gender diversity within Orion. The primary goal of the network is to inspire and build the confidence of women employees as they advance their careers into leadership positions. 
MyOWN hosts interactive global webinars where women in technology roles speak about working in tech in their countries, including the US, Mexico, Serbia, Turkey, and India. 
We celebrate the achievements of our talented female professionals and showcase their contributions to the tech industry. Through mentorship and support, we encourage gender diversity and provide opportunities for women to thrive. Learn from our leaders’ experiences, insights, and advice. 
We launched the Reboot with Orion Program in India in 2021 to help women who have taken a career break restart their tech careers. The program equips them with resources and tools to successfully reintegrate into the workforce. Learn more about Reboot with Orion Program. 

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