Orion aligns business, experience design and technology to strengthen your company’s digital presence and evaluate existing strategies. We deliver best-of-breed, intuitive, interactive solutions that educate, inform and entertain for the world’s most trusted organizations. Striving to create innovative, elegant systems for our clients and partners, Orion works directly with your team to understand your company’s goals, priorities and expectations. Our services include Digital Strategy, Design Systems and Brand Alignment.

Digital Strategy

Our team members conduct research around the subject matter associated with your needs, synthesize and prioritize goals, and generate guiding principles by which digital experiences will be based.

Design Systems

Using design systems and tools for brand alignment, Orion improves user tasks and processes, plans for critical use cases and creates a cohesive, scalable design system customized for your company’s needs.

Brand Alignment

In executing the user experience, Orion identifies brand differentiators in order to focus on content strategy, curation and discovery. Then, we create a digital experience that aligns with your company’s story and purpose-based mission to encourage users to engage with what is most significant for your brand, whether that be the people, projects, thought leadership, products or something else.

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