Nothing can replace the experience of a live event. Those who stay home miss the spectacle of being there in person. Stadiums and venues can leverage this pivotal advantage to excite fans into attending while also providing a crafted experience of connected parts for teams, stadium operators, retailers, and more.

Orion’s Stadium as a Service offering takes a dual approach weighted more towards the platform approach where user journey’s are designed within a platform. While most solutions are thinking of experience within the stadium, our approach covers pre-event, during the event, and post event opportunities.

The centralized platform is designed to assist stadium operators in the efficient management of their facilities. The following are some of the key modules:


The application provides an online ticketing system that allows fans to purchase tickets for events, and enables stadium managers to manage ticket sales, seating arrangements, and access control.

Event Management:

Stadium managers can use the application to schedule and manage events, including sports games, concerts, and other events. The application can help with event logistics, such as staffing, parking, and crowd control.


The application can be used to market upcoming events and promotions to fans. It can send out targeted emails, social media posts, and other marketing materials to help increase attendance and revenue.

Maintenance Management:

Stadium managers can use the application to manage maintenance tasks, such as repairs, cleaning, and upkeep of facilities. The application can track the status of maintenance tasks and generate work orders for maintenance personnel. Monitor all building systems from a single console that tracks building performance.


The application can generate reports on a range of topics, including ticket sales, revenue, attendance, and facility usage. This data can be used to make informed decisions about stadium operations and planning for future events.


The application can be integrated with other systems, such as security systems, video displays, and payment processing systems.

Mobile Access:

The application can be accessed from mobile devices, allowing stadium managers to manage operations from anywhere, at any time.


The application can provide analytics on various metrics such as ticket sales, attendance, and revenue which can help stadium managers make data- driven decisions.

Overall, a Stadium Management Application can streamline operations, improve fan experience and boost revenue generation for stadium managers.