A Delivery Governance Platform to optimize business results through purposeful execution

Conscious™ is an innovative awareness framework with customized tools, business intelligence and statistical models built for managing various programs and projects within different portfolios. It enables users to gain awareness in order to strategize and transform delivery and portfolio management to become effective, nimble and efficient.

With multiple projects/programs (internal and external) running in parallel, organizations face challenges with efficiency delivery, risk and resource project management, tracking the health of their programs, leading to ambiguity when it comes to complex jobs.

Conscious™ provides a robust project management workflow which is highly configurable to adopt multiple delivery methodologies. By integrating analytics and visualization into these methodologies, leaders can realize, strategize and make decisions for digital transformation.


  • Flexible and configurable
  • Easily deployed
  • Compatible with leading industry-recognized delivery methodologies
  • Compatible with with industry leading PPM tools like TFS, VSTS, DevOps, JIRA or custom structured/unstructured data
  • Delivered via cloud, on premise or SaaS based provider
  • Analytics and visualization on top of delivery and resource data
  • Single glass pane view for leadership dashboards
  • Mature, flexible delivery management workflow
  • Supports leading agile methodologies including SAFe, ICAgile, Leon or custom


  • Holistic view of organization delivery health, productivity, delivery insights, risks, resource skills etc. in single glass pane view 
  • Provides customizable reports across product, productivity and resources 
  • Simple process for monitoring and managing delivery 
  • Detailed audit history and traceability
  • Dashboards and portals improve quality and efficiency 
  • Defines project milestones 
  • Manages resources and works to improve resource quality 
  • Identifies risks/issues early on 
  • Schedules project sprints 
  • Generates status reports as per various parameters of program management 
  • Tracks the status of project deliverables to ensure timely completion 
  • Manages records of project at a central location 
  • Defines the roles and responsibilities of resources by self-realization 

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