Optimize business results through purposeful execution

The Conscious platform is an innovative framework with customized tools, business intelligence and statistical models built for managing various programs and projects within different portfolios. 

Conscious alleviates the challenges of project management and program maintenance, instead offering direction and structure for complex jobs. Created with both design thinking and a DevOps approach, the platform allows businesses to measure productivity by achievements (instead of hours), monitor improvements and measure employee success using statistical modelling. Conscious defines the program management process by evaluating and adjusting the structure, relationships and activities associated with  recognition, definition, design, implementation, testing, release, and operation of the given project. 

Conscious Benefits: 

  • Provides a user-friendly interface for managing projects/programs 
  • Dashboards and portals improve quality and efficiency 
  • Defines project milestones 
  • Manages resources and works to improve resource quality 
  • Identifies risks/issues early on 
  • Schedules project Sprints 
  • Generates status reports as per various parameters of program management 
  • Tracks the status of project deliverables to ensure timely completion 
  • Manages records of project at a central location 
  • Defines the roles and responsibilities of resources by self-realization 

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