A New DevOps Model for Success in the Digital Age: Presenting Ogile, Orion’s Methodology for Empowering Enterprise Adoption of DevOps

The coronavirus pandemic created a drastic shift in mindset for business and acceptance of a new digital world. Something like working from home, for example, which was unimaginable for various sectors in the past, is fast becoming normal. The accelerated move to digital business–and all the technologies that support it–is also driving adoption of the DevOps model for software development.

But making a successful transition to DevOps means IT and technical leaders must overcome many challenges. This paper outlines those issues and presents Ogile—Orion’s comprehensive DevOps methodology designed to help companies transition to the digital age.

The Challenges Around DevOps

Organizations today must reimagine and redevelop many business activities—effective processes for software development and deployment among them.

Software development in organizations has started to become more agile with a faster time to market—be it internal or external-facing applications. Also, the number of stakeholders has significantly increased—with business, technology, and third-party vendor ecosystems. Given this changing nature, the appeal of DevOps for addressing these challenges is clear; why wouldn’t a company just adopt this methodology? Because it is easier said than done. Successful adoption of DevOps means organizations must be prepared for changes in roles, resources, processes, and culture.

In one IDC study, Fortune 1000 companies cited cultural inhibitors, fragmented processes, and lack of executive support as the biggest barriers for DevOps implementation. Other typical challenges include lack of a clear vision for how to implement DevOps, limited knowledge about available tools, and difficulty in choosing and integrating those tools.

“The reality of DevOps is that while enterprises aspire to move quickly and efficiently with their software operations, we’re seeing that many don’t even know where to start to navigate the internal shifts that need to happen to create a DevOps mindset,” says Raj Patil, CEO at Orion Innovation.

The right DevOps strategy can make a big difference in how a company shifts its culture and processes.

“The answer isn’t one model versus another. Instead, a combination of aspects is best—and Ogile offers that,” says Pradeep Menon, executive vice president and head of delivery for Orion Innovation.

“It’s important to understand that DevOps isn’t just about doing software development in short sprints with everything in the cloud,” says Menon. “DevOps is really about leadership that drives the culture and mindset change the organization will need in order to work in a new way successfully.”

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