Prepare for the Worst-Case Scenario 

Cyber threats are constantly evolving and can take many forms. Typical security assessments and testing often don’t replicate real-world threats and don’t consider other concerns like employees falling prey to social engineering and numerous other kinds of breaches. Our Red Team Assessment goes beyond standard vulnerability checks, instead simulating an array of sophisticated attacks and tests for organizational preparedness and readiness on all fronts. 

Delivering on Defense

Our certified and experienced Red Team is tailored to deliver for the unique needs of our clients. They have successfully executed exercises that mimic the tactics of advanced persistent threats (APTs) by following a combination of technical, social, and physical approaches. We have conducted these tests across several sectors including finance, healthcare, and government, adapting to industryspecific threats. 

Improvement in Detecting Advanced Threats
Improvements in Security Response Times
Decrease in Security Incidents Stemming From Human Errors
Reduction in Attack
Find the Gaps Before They Are Exploited
This comprehensive exercise is designed to test and evaluate every aspect of your organization’s defense mechanisms, from IT infrastructure to employee awareness and physical security controls.
Constant Collaboration
We work with our clients throughout the engagement, ensuring they stay informed and engaged to drive maximum value out of the process.
Full Service
Not only do we find vulnerabilities and test defenses against real-world adversaries, Orion also provides actionable insights, risk prioritization, and strategic recommendations to make your organization more resilient.
Rapid Results
With rapid deployment and actionable insights, our team’s initial findings are often delivered within just weeks, accelerating the path to enhanced security posture.
Meet with our Cybersecurity experts and find gaps in your security controls and defense today, ensuring your preparedness to mitigate and respond.
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Why our Red Team?
Our Red Teams utilize our exclusive Cyber Combat framework, conducting assessments that extend beyond digital threats to provide a comprehensive security evaluation.
Cybersecurity Certified

Our Red Team is recognized by leading certifications including GRTP, GPEN, CRTA, and more with a proven track record of revealing critical vulnerabilities.

Industry Tailored

Orion has a background in many major industries allowing us to tailor our simulated attacks and remediations to suit your compliance needs and security goals.  

Ever Evolving

As the nature of cyber threats continuously evolves, so do we, continually investing in the latest cybersecurity tools and technologies to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.  

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