The cyber threat landscape is becoming more complex and sophisticated, with an uptick in AI-driven attacks and nation-state threat actors. The existing models of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) may no longer be sufficient to counter these dynamic threats. Businesses must reimagine their operations and fortify their SOCs to quickly and effectively prevent and respond to incidents.

This webinar was broadcast live on April 8th, 2024, where security leaders Fawad Khan and Kelly Isikoff discuss actionable strategies to ensure a mature, optimized, and automated SOC. Discover the essential technologies and methodologies required to transform security operations and harness the massive potential of AI and automation.

This webinar covered:
  • Impact of the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape, including AI-driven attacks
  • Challenges in existing SOC models to mitigate evolving threats
  • Building a mature SOC operation from the ground up
  • Transformative strategies to adopt a predictive cybersecurity approach

Kelly Isikoff
CISO, Board Member & Former Security Leader at JP Morgan and Citibank

Fawad Khan
Leader – Cybersecurity Center of Innovation
Orion Innovation

Cristy Graham
Orion Innovation

Webinar audience:

  • Business and Technology Leaders at mid-sized to large enterprises
  • Cybersecurity: Threat intelligence analysts, threat hunters, incident responders, and red team specialists involved in improving security posture for an enterprise

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