Orion Previsor is a platform designed to support complete network management for customer IP and Ethernet based data networks. It provides a complete, scalable solution based on a set of features that enhances the customer’s ability to manage data networks with robust support for the FCAPs functionality related to this area of network management.

The system is highly scalable, from small, single server installations, to up to 200,000 devices using multiple servers and geographically diverse data collectors.

Orion Previsor runs on open source software including:

  • Linux operating system – typically RedHat
  • OpenNMS – an open source NMS GUI toolkit
  • PostGres – an open source database
  • OpenJDK (an open source Java Development Kit) or Oracle JDK

The Linux operating system allows for the use of a wide range of hardware platforms.

Orion Previsor also supports virtualized (e.g. VMware) environments, allowing it to run on a virtual platform and removing the requirement for a dedicated hardware platform.


  • Fault Management
  • Performance Management
  • SLA(Service Level Agreement) Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Selectable views of managed elements
  • Network Element Software Upgrade Management
  • Network Element Syslog collection and display management
  • Network Element Backup and Restore
  • Network Element Reachthrough
  • Node Display and Search
  • Support for ‘single sign on’ for users, e.g. via integration with CA Siteminder application
  • User Activity Log
  • Automatic and Manual alarm synchronization between Orion Previsor and all managed network elements
  • Orion Previsor system Geo-Diversity