IoT and the Connected Consumer

Technologies such as collaboration tools, IoT devices, autonomous vehicles, smart factories, OTT streaming platforms are transforming the way businesses function and deliver services to end consumers. Broadband connectivity, cloud computing, machine learning/artificial intelligence and natural language processing are just some of the technologies enabling this new array of communication services.

Connected vehicles: Bi-directional wireless connection between drivers’ mobile phone and entertainment systems in a car, have been a quintessential example of connected vehicles. However, with advancements in technology most of the functionalities in cars, including ignition, safety, vitals monitoring have become a norm recently.

Smart factories: Advancements in IoT, data speeds, edge computing have enabled smart factories to become a reality – from managing machine operations to logistics within a manufacturing plant, smart factories require minimal human intervention and hence can generate highly predictable and efficient output.

Smart cities: Leveraging cellular & lower powered WAN, smart cities have the potential to offer improved infrastructure, convenience and quality of life. Cloud-based IoT applications help deliver improved energy distribution, streamlined waste management, reduced traffic congestion and improved air quality contribute to sustainable development and address growing urbanization challenges.

Connected devices: With applications across entertainment, automotive, health, Industry 4.0, connected devices are at the core of the IoT revolution. Powered by embedded technology, connected devices are governed by wired and wireless networks and protocols, such as WiFi, NFC and 4G networks.

Orion works with a variety of clients to develop solutions that enhance the lives of consumers and the way businesses participate in a digital economy. We co-innovate with clients, leveraging cloud, connectivity tools, collaboration tools, data and AI to enable smart factories, IoT solutions, virtual entities, omnichannel platforms and universal communications.

We help clients develop their Hi-Tech offerings:

Automotive & Transportation

Orion works with suppliers of components to the automotive industry and automotive manufacturers, providing software engineering. We address customer needs to develop software using both the V-model (A-SPICE) approach and Agile methodology. We offer solutions powering embedded systems, connectivity, and cloud computing. With extensive experience in AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture), our engineers can develop complete ECUs (Electronic Control Units) or we can port them from legacy architecture to the AUTOSAR architecture.

Industrial Products

Orion has helped organizations build transformative solutions for commercial lighting sector, data centers, electric energy metering and more. Our solutions have helped organizations with drastic reduction in costs while improving operational efficiencies.

Consumer Electronics

Orion has partnered with global consumer brands in offering a range of products & services pertaining to home automation, surveillance, media, and mobile solutions.

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“Orion really took hold of the project and took it to the next level. We not only saw how we could monetize a single sale of a piece of hardware, but how we could create a pipeline of information that’s valuable to our customers. And then we could monetize.​”
Ray Dikun
Plano Synergy
Director of Technology
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