Digital Product Engineering

Custom solutions to realize your ideas

Seasoned software development and maintenance services, helping clients across the automotive, communications, consumer electronics, energy, financial services, healthcare, retail and semiconductor industries.

“We have a deep passion for quality and flexibility. Our goal is to create the industry’s most reliable and powerful solutions.”
Dmitry Oshmarin
Deep Domain Knowledge
Orion draws on more than 30 years of experience in software development across companies of different sizes from startups to enterprises. No one offers deeper technical knowledge.
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Harness the power of data and artificial intelligence to accelerate change for your business.
Industrial IoT
Digitize your products and create new revenue streams.
Mobile Solutions
Rethink your mobile development, from fast prototyping to application support.
Web Applications
Develop applications using cutting-edge web technologies running in any modern browser and desktop platform.
Client-centric Approach
We manage evolving requirements and complexity with flexible team structures that work for your particular needs.
Embedded & Real-time Solutions
Offer embedded systems design from small devices up to interconnected large scale embedded solutions.
Customer Support
Provide customer and technical support at all levels, from integrated or fully independent teams to phone, chat, email and social.
Software Product Assessment
Analyze requirements conformance, architecture, code style, usability, security and documentation.
QA & Test Automation
Deliver quality assurance for software products as black, white or gray box, based on manual or automated testing.
“Orion has proven to be а highly valuable partner. They not only delivered excellent quality software, but also provided advice to software architecture and technological questions.”
Peter Monte
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