For more than three decades, we’ve been testing mission-critical software before launch.

Take the pressure off with turnkey and automated solutions
Extending Your Engineering Team

Managing new and ongoing projects by scaling R&D and software testing teams and integrating our professionals into your workflow.

On-Demand Testing

Spearheading the entire testing process, so the client can focus on development of a new project when QA resources are often lacking.

Test Consultancy

Delivering an all-in-one solution tailored to your needs, our QA experts have 30+ years of experience identifying processes and practices in need of improvement.

Automated Testing

Offering the entire cycle of automated testing services–from planning to final product release, reducing costs, decreasing time-to-market and consolidating resources.

Quality Assurance

Review products/solutions, software requirements and design documents, so we fully understand the SUT and scope.


Define the SUT, test strategy and test plan, and select test tools and platforms.

Test Run

Run test plan according to the defined test strategy for each corresponding phase.


Automate and integrate tests into CI/CD pipelines.


Follow test run with test report including all artifacts: test run rate, failed or blocked test cases, and new or known defects.


A cloud telephony service
Our client’s system spanned multiple advanced call features, including paging answer, call park, call control, call queue, robocall, federation and emergency line, compatible with multiple third-party components, including phones, other telephony services and call centers, with responsibility for manual E2E system integration testing and gradual automation of these testing activities.

Solution & Technologies
We deployed, updated and maintained test environments, designed test cases including mind maps preparation. We executed manual tests, along with a full cycle of application functional testing, regression, API testing and exploratory testing. Integration testing, system testing and validation of E2E functionality was conducted. Using a proprietary framework, the Orion team ran automated test development on Python. We implemented new test framework features in Go and Python languages and delivered measuring, reporting and optimizing test coverage, test-suite quality and reliability. Data mining and analysis tools were developed to optimize test execution and environment management.

Scenarios in the test plan
Test scenarios automated and integrated into the product CI/CD pipeline
Engineers assigned to the project
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