Content is what gives shape and meaning to the design. The art of content design incorporates the structure and strategy around messaging, the choice of words, and the placement of useful copy throughout the experience–binding these elements to the larger design.

Writing with an audience lens
UX Writing

From mindfully employing microcopy to choreographing content in the form of bites, snacks, and meals throughout the digital experience.

Content Strategy

Establishing strategy and tactics underpinning a digital property’s content offerings from launch and beyond–with the right mix of editorial messaging strategy, content taxonomy design, and content production guidelines.

Copywriting & Editing

Generating source content (as well as editing existing content) that is crafted to deliver messaging aimed at increasing awareness and guiding audiences to take action.

Content Consumption
Offer bites, snacks, and meals
Content becomes easier to digest, is portable, and simple to repurpose for multiple uses.
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