The most important security work is done long before an attempted breach occurs.  Orion’s Cyber Readiness and Response program identifies vulnerabilities in your organization’s defenses before they can be exploited and crafts comprehensive response plans to address potential incidents.

Safeguard Your Assets and Reputation
Incident Response

Continuously monitor networks, systems, and applications to quickly identify and mitigate security incidents and threats.

Red Team

Test the effectiveness of defensive and detection tools, people and processes by rigorously challenging systems and assumptions.

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Breach Readiness

Prepare level-of-preparedness and ability to defend against potential sophisticated cyber attacks by evaluating effective security controls and conducting wargaming exercises.

Blue Team Readiness

Improve your level of preparedness to defend against potential cyber attacks by establishing effective security controls, processes, and personnel.

War Games and Exercises

Simulate real-world scenarios to gain hands-on experience and practice response strategies and procedures in a controlled environment.

ICS Testing

Assess and enhance the security of critical infrastructure by conducting penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, network hardening, and segmentation.

Cyber Readiness and Response
Goal Mapping

Set goals for Red Team exercise

Target Reconnaissance

Plan the target for the exercise

Exploiting Vulnerabilities

Select and employ attack vectors to access target systems

Probing & Attack Reconnaissance

Assess extent of attack and new  vulnerabilities

Reporting & Analysis

Debrief: attack and defense teams address key vulnerabilities


A renowned software company specializing in mobile messaging solutions 

The client provides a comprehensive suite of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow developers to integrate mobile messaging capabilities into their own applications and systems. This flexibility enables businesses to customize and tailor their messaging solutions to meet specific requirements and seamlessly integrate messaging functionalities into their existing workflows.  

Recently, the client’s customers requested evidence of the client’s due diligence in securing their messaging APIs. 

Orion worked closely with the client to schedule testing against multiple API systems, each assigned to different customers. We collaborate directly with the client to assist in remediating any identified security vulnerabilities.  Once the target systems align with the PCI ASV standards, Orion generates PCI Reports and a Letter of Opinion from the Directory of Cybersecurity Services. These documents can then be distributed to the client’s customers as evidence of the client’s due diligence and compliance with the latest PCI ASV standard.

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