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The following is an excerpt from a write-up an interview with Fawad Khan published on

AI (Artificial Intelligence) revolutionizes cybersecurity by swiftly processing vast data, detecting complex threats, and predicting vulnerabilities. Its predictive analytics enables proactive defence measures, but integrating AI requires continuous monitoring and staff training. Future advancements promise refined defences, yet challenges like data quality and talent gaps demand strategic adoption of ML (Machine Learning) in cybersecurity. In an interview with CMR Fawad Khan, Senior Director – Head of Cybersecurity, Orion Innovation decodes how AI and ML technology can help us.

Fawad Khan, Senior Director – Head of Cybersecurity, Orion Innovation

1. How does AI contribute to enhancing threat detection in cybersecurity?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) dramatically improves threat detection in cybersecurity. Its most significant contribution lies in its ability to process and analyze vast amounts of data rapidly to make a decision. AI systems can detect complex patterns and anomalies that may indicate a real threat, something that even seasoned security analysts might overlook. This capability is crucial in identifying subtle signs of cyber threats that traditional methods might miss. 

Another key aspect of AI in cybersecurity is its use of predictive analytics. This goes beyond just detecting existing threats, AI can anticipate potential future vulnerabilities and threats by analyzing various data points, including threat intelligence and other relevant threat data.

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